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Bargaining Update #6 (July 8th)

We have wrapped up another week of bargaining in not so sunny Victoria. This round of negotiations has been slow, but we continue to make progress in specific areas of the Collective Agreement.  Due to the slow pace of bargaining we have exceeded our initial planned bargaining dates and as such we will not be returning to the bargaining table until the fall due to existing vacation and PAAB schedules. 

We appreciate the engagement we are seeing amongst members with discussions on our Facebook page, chatter in the office, and questions that we receive. As we continue to move through bargaining, we ask that you trust the process and your bargaining team.  What you may read in one article does not tell the full story.  Our CUPE National Representative has been at the bargaining table with us and is our connection to ongoing negotiations happening throughout CUPE and the province. 

The current offer by the employer falls well short of maintaining our members' purchasing power.  May’s CPI (Consumer Price Index) for BC was 8.1%.  Your bargaining committee continues to press the employer for other important language gains put forward at our 2021 AGM with a strong focus on wellness and flexibility.   

Carrots are good for your health, not your wallet.  We are not bunnies.  Kidding aside, we say this to draw your attention to the potential of a signing bonus being included in an offer from the employer.  A signing bonus is a one-time payment which can be included in a financial offer in order to manipulate membership to accept a wage increase which would be less than palatable otherwise.  Some things to consider when considering this “Carrot” include – it is a taxable payment, it will not count towards your pension, it is not a compounding benefit the same way that a wage increase would be.  

We hope you all have a nice summer and get some time to unwind, relax and get a bit of a break from all that is going on at work.  Do not hesitate to reach out with questions over the next couple of months. 

In Solidarity, 

The Bargaining Commitee 


Bursary Information

The CUPE 1767 Bursary deadline is coming due June 30thThere is a total of $2000 awarded annually consisting of no less than $500 each to a child or legal dependant of a CUPE 1767 member in good standing, who has held membership for at least one year. The award is for any student entering or continuing any recognized post-secondary education institution, attending a minimum two-semester full time program. It will be based on satisfactory academic achievement and financial need. An additional award of $500 will also be awarded to the recipient of the Mick Currie award, which is given to the applicant that demonstrates the highest degree of volunteer activism. The Bursary Instructions and application are found on our CUPE 1767 website under Members -> Member Forms -> CUPE 1767 Bursary-Application. If you have any questions, please reach out to myself or one of the other committee members.  


This is also a good time to mentioned that the CUPE BC Aubrey Burton/Reg Ford Scholarship Application is due August 19, 2022. Scholarships are awarded on both a competitive and lottery basis based on the following criteria: 

1.    Parent, Guardian or Spouse of Applicant, or the Applicant her/himself must be a member in good standing of a CUPE Local affiliated to CUPE BC at the time of application. 

1.    Applicant must have completed Grade 12 in the current or previous calendar year. 

1.    Applicant must be entering first year of a recognized public postsecondary institution in BC. A copy of the acceptance letter from the admitting institution must be supplied. 

1.     Applicant must complete an online application form supported by copies of the Senior Secondary Statement Transcript and letter(s) of reference from school principal or counsellor. 

The link to this scholarship can be found at 

Guest notice for our next executive meeting

The next executive meeting will be held on April 23rd in Richmond. For those members who are interested in attending as the guest delegate please send me an email prior to March 25th to

Please note that this opportunity is open to ALL CUPE 1767 members so if you have an interest please let me know. Preference will be given to members who have not attended an executive meeting, seniority and also to regions who have not participated.  Travel expenses are covered as per our local’s expense policy.


Collaborative Joint Labour Relation meetings often resolves issues before they become subject to the more adversarial grievance procedure.


This committee deals with budget items and funds of the local. It also deals with the locals human resources items and is reported out within the Secretary/Treasurers report at each of the executive meetings and the AGM.


The intent of the Wellness Committee is to report to the Executive Board and the membership on the status of the LTD programme and how well it...


This policy applies to CUPE Local 1767 and has been adopted pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act (BC). This policy was presented, opened for discussion, voted on, and accepted by the delegates at the 2004 CUPE 1767 AGM.

OH & S

The Health and Safety of our Members is a top priority. Every Member in our Local has the right to a safe workplace. We must protect this right.

Technological Change

The mandate of the Technological Change Committee is to liaise with the employer on technological matters, to investigate the impact of these matters on the membership and to report back to the Executive Board with information and...

Job Evaluation

This is addressed in Article 27 of the Collective Agreement. There are basically two ways a job may be reclassified and thereby re-evaluated.


Too often individuals are intimidated into not lodging a grievance when their rights have been violated. The Grievance Committee is here to help you, but we require your assistance in return and your willingness to grieve where it is the prudent thing to do.

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