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Bargaining Update #7 (September 16th)

After a couple of months away from the bargaining table for the summer, your union and the employer returned to Victoria this week for another week of bargaining.   We did make significant progress this week on a number of articles we feel will be important to our membership. However, we have again been frustrated by the employer failing to understand some of the issues which we understand to be the most important to you.  We established our understanding of the most important issues through our bargaining resolutions as well as our bargaining survey.   

By now, you’re likely all familiar with the wage offer which is currently offered by PSEC. Both the BCGEU and the HEU have signed tentative agreements with this wage offer, and including “me too” clauses.  The BCGEU contract will be going for a ratification vote on October 3 – 17.  For those not already aware, the highlights of this tentative agreement, including the general wage increase can be found at the following link. 

So what does this mean for us?  With BCGEU and the HEU having a significant portion of the employees under the umbrella of PSEC, and their contracts including “Me too” clauses, this means that it is very unlikely that we would get a GWI which is substantially different from what is noted here.  Unfortunately, we have not reached the point of a tentative agreement just yet as there are still some “non-cost” items outstanding on our table which we have not been able to reach agreement on.  In addition, we are still in discussion on how to correctly calculate the cost items for our contract.   

We will be meeting the employer again in two weeks from Sept 26 – 29.  This will be a short week due to the National Day For Truth and Reconciliation which falls on Friday Sept 30 this year.  We will be meeting in Richmond at the Sheraton this time around.  We will remain hopeful that the employer will come to the table prepared to negotiate and ready to make an agreement on some of the non-cost items.  If we don’t have a tentative agreement by the end of that week, our next week to meet will be the week following our AGM.   

Please stay tuned for further updates as we get closer to an agreement.  If you’re new to the organization, or if you’ve been around for a while and some of this isn’t making sense to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to your RD, or a member of the bargaining committee with questions.   

In Solidarity, 

The Bargaining Committee 


As it's election season, here are a few notes of what should be happening with Elections:
- Regional Director elections under Article VIII (D) to be elected at a Regional Meeting prior to the Area Rep elections. (term starts at the conclusion of the AGM) So no later than Sept 21st and you have to have your Regional Meeting prior to Area Office meetings.
-Regional Recording Secretary elections under Article VIII (E) to be elected at the Regional Meeting.
- Area Rep elections under Article VIII (F) to be elected at an Area Office meeting held between August 21st and Sept 21st (between 31 and 60days prior to the AGM) (term starts at the conclusion of the Area Office Meeting)
-This year our AGM is scheduled for October 22 so the following will be up for elections as per Article VIII (all terms start at the conclusion of the AGM):
  • President - 1 year term
  • Vice President - 1 year term
  • Sec/Tres - 2 year term
  • Grievance Officer - 2 year term
  • Wellness Advocate - 2 year term
  • Trustee - 3 year term
  • Trustee - Remaining 1 year term

Guest notice for our next executive meeting

The next executive meeting will be held virtually on October 1st. For those members who are interested in attending as the guest delegate please send me an email prior to September 24th to

Please note that this opportunity is open to ALL CUPE 1767 members so if you have an interest please let me know. Preference will be given to members who have not attended an executive meeting, seniority and also to regions who have not participated.


Collaborative Joint Labour Relation meetings often resolves issues before they become subject to the more adversarial grievance procedure.


This committee deals with budget items and funds of the local. It also deals with the locals human resources items and is reported out within the Secretary/Treasurers report at each of the executive meetings and the AGM.


The intent of the Wellness Committee is to report to the Executive Board and the membership on the status of the LTD programme and how well it...


This policy applies to CUPE Local 1767 and has been adopted pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act (BC). This policy was presented, opened for discussion, voted on, and accepted by the delegates at the 2004 CUPE 1767 AGM.

OH & S

The Health and Safety of our Members is a top priority. Every Member in our Local has the right to a safe workplace. We must protect this right.

Technological Change

The mandate of the Technological Change Committee is to liaise with the employer on technological matters, to investigate the impact of these matters on the membership and to report back to the Executive Board with information and...

Job Evaluation

This is addressed in Article 27 of the Collective Agreement. There are basically two ways a job may be reclassified and thereby re-evaluated.


Too often individuals are intimidated into not lodging a grievance when their rights have been violated. The Grievance Committee is here to help you, but we require your assistance in return and your willingness to grieve where it is the prudent thing to do.

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