One of the primary objectives of our Constitution is to “educate and ensure the entire membership is knowledgeable concerning the Union structure, its function, and the Collective Agreement to be able to maintain their rights in the workplace”.  This defines the principle mandate of the Education chair.

The strength of a union is found in the individuals who volunteer their time to protect what unions have always stood for.  Unions are about people and protecting their rights in the work place.  This province continues to go through tremendous change and it is vital that we have an educated, articulate and skilled union body to recognize and respond to the changes that can erode our rights in the work place.

Our primary task is to organize and facilitate our annual AGM education day which takes place the Friday prior to the AGM.  Topics over the years have included Area rep duties, More on Short and Long Term Disability, Note Taking, Duty to Accommodate and Grievance discussions.  About 50-60 members attend this session every year with an overwhelming positive response.  If you are interested in attending, make sure you put your name forward in your office to attend the AGM.


Courses and Workshops

In addition to our AGM Education Day, CUPE offers more generic courses throughout the year and in multiple locations.  These courses are open to any CUPE member in good standing.

Why take a course offered by CUPE? -- The power to defend our rights as workers is through education.  Learn the skills to protect our rights and the services we provide.  Know the role of your union and what your responsibilities are as a union member, an area representative or as an executive officer.

CUPE BC and CUPE National offer courses that range from a weeknight or weekend workshops to intensive one week programs.  The workshops are designed to foster a basic understanding of union culture and involvement for any union member.  The CUPE BC full week programs are intensive courses that prepare union members in extensive education training in a group learning environment.


A detailed list of CUPE course offerings and workshop catalogues for British Columbia and National can be found at:

These workshops are free of charge.  Contact David Robertson (CUPE 1767 Education Chair) or one of the committee members to get more information.


This committee is also responsible for reviewing and awarding the CUPE 1767 bursaries.  Bursary applications and information can be found on our website under the Members Forms section within the Members drop-down menu.  Application deadline for CUPE 1767 bursaries is annually, typically the end of June.

Revised: November 2017

Chair: Sarah Davy, Members: Paul Mrazek, David Robertson, Eder Yabut

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