This is addressed in Article 27 of the Collective Agreement. There are basically two ways a job may be reclassified and thereby re-evaluated. The first is if the employer wishes to change a job description. This can only be done with the approval of the Union. (See Article 27.02) If the Union agrees with the employer to proceed, it is simply a matter of negotiations between the parties.

The second is when a member believes their job has substantially changed in job content and duties subsequent to the Pay Equity Project in 2003. (See Article 27.03) In this case, the member would thoroughly document their case and submit it through their Union Regional Director to the Job Evaluation / Classification Review Committee. The committee will then adjudicate whether a change may be warranted and bring their findings and recommendation to the Executive Board of the Union. If the recommendation is positive, and approved by the Executive Board, the procedure set out in 27.03(b) of the Collective Agreement will be followed.

If there are any questions regarding Job Evaluation and Position review, contact the Union office at 1 877 946-4941, or send an e-mail to

Members: Becky Olson (Chair), Tina Dhami, David Robertson, Mark Hilker. Alternates: Kurtis Williams

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