The Joint Labour Relations Committee (JLRC) was established in June 2000 as provided for in Article 9.02 of our collective agreement. The committee meets four times annually. Its membership is four union and four management representatives.
The mandate of the JLRC is to:

  • Provide a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual concern.
  • Allow for the timely exchange of information.
  • Provide advance notice of emerging issues.
  • Refer issues, when appropriate, to other standing joint committees to ensure no duplication of work.
  • Monitor the progress of work on joint issues to increase the likelihood of a timely resolution; provide assistance when appropriate.

Although this committee is legislated by the BC Labour Relations Code, the willingness and ability of BC Assessment and our Union to discuss contentious matters in collaborative Joint Labour Relation meetings often resolves issues before they become subject to the more adversarial grievance procedure. To date, the Joint Labour Relations Committee has served both parties well.

Members: Tina Dhami (Chair), Dave Robertson, Becky Olson, Kurtis Williams, Eder Yabut

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