Area Rep – Mark Harris
Alternate  - Natasha Chen

Greetings from Victoria.  Recently I have been elected Area Rep for Business and Customer Services.  The members that I represent work in Strategic Project Solutions (6), Customer Services (14), Database Services (5), Infrastructure Services (9), and Application Development Services (9).  The members in those departments have 20 different job titles.  Although we work in different departments and have different job titles we all work hard to support the creation of a fair and equitable roll.  Most of us would also agree that a collective agreement that is fair and equitable is far over due.  I would like to thank the bargaining committee, Kevin McPhail, Dave Robertson, Ron Arnett, and Keith Hampe for their hard work so far.  I would also like to commit to improving awareness of union activities and benefits within our members in Business and Customer Services.
In solidarity,

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