I am pleased to announce that we have just reached a tentative 2 year agreement with the employer.

As you are well aware this has been a difficult process with the continued government interference in the free collective agreement bargaining process. This was exacerbated by it being called a “co-operative gains” mandate when there was nothing co-operative about it. Ultimately the co-operation only occurred between the Public Sector Employers Council (PSEC) and our Employer with regards to identified and costed savings up to an arbitrary cap of 2%.

There will be a much more in depth communication to follow as we move toward a ratification vote but here are some highlights:
- 2% April 1, 2012 and 2% January 1, 2013
- Lateral transfer language removing the need to compete for the same job in another location
- Flexible work hours between 7am and 7pm with potential to work a four day work week for three out of every four weeks starting after PARP to allow for staff education
- Accredited Appraiser 2 biweekly addition to pay to $75 from $71
- Paid leave for serious illness or hospitalization of a spouse
- Simplified language for appraisal assistants moving to appraisal jobs
- mileage 51c upon ratification, 52c Jan 1, 2013
- meals: lunch from $12.75 to $17.50, dinner from $25.00 to $29.00 but removing per diem

Yours in solidarity,

Kevin McPhail
David Robertson
Keith Hampe
Ron Arnett

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