Chair – Keith Hampe
Members – Harpinder Sandhu, Trent Snikkers

. We had a spike in traffic to our website at the end of Nov and in early Dec as members sought out information on the proposed collective agreement prior to the ratification vote.  There were a couple days with near 150 visitors.  Since the vote, traffic is down significantly.

Membership on our Facebook page is now at 126.  This is almost a quarter of our membership.  Our Facebook page was a very successful communication tool during the lead up to our ratification vote.  There were a number of threads started with important discussions taking place, civility was maintained, questions were answered and in the end the vote passed.  The nice thing about our Facebook page vs our website is that it is a private group where members can have frank discussions without worrying about the employer reading it.

The communications committee is undertaking a project to have our website redeveloped and modernized.  Trent Snikkers recently wrote up distributed an RFP to this effect.  We are hoping to have proposals by the end of January, with a developer selected soon after.  We’d like to have our new website up and running prior to this fall’s AGM.  One of our main objectives is the development of a member’s only area, an area that only members of CUPE 1767 will have access to.

-Discussion regarding website proposal

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