Chair – Keith Hampe
Members – Harpinder Sandhu, Trent Snikkers

For those of you that may have missed the news, we have a new website, It’s fully functional, with many of the reports locked behind a wall. You’ll need to log in with an id to access them. We’ve done this to ensure a little privacy in our communications. Don’t worry, we wont spam your email when you use it to sign up. I’ve spent some time over the past couple days trying to add Google analytics code to our new website. This will allow us to learn more about what people are using our site for and allow us to possibly tailor it to better suit their needs. Stay tuned.

Membership on our Facebook page is closing in on 150. This is more than a quarter of our membership. Our Facebook page is an important communication tool. Kevin has done a good job of updating the membership on bargaining, when he can, and other members are posting articles and news that may be of interest. If you’re on facebook, you should join our page. It’s a private group and at times has some great discussion going on regarding BC Assessment.

We also have an official twitter account (@cupe1767) that a few of us have access to and post interesting stuff that is happening within our local and in organized labour in general. Give it a follow.

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