Chair – Trent Snikker
Members – David Robertson, Keith Hampe

The Executive Committee has recently sent two Regional Directors, myself and Harp Sandhu, to CUPE BC’s first Anti-Privatization Conference. This Conference was opened by CUPE BC President Barry O’Neill, Cupe National President Paul Moist, and Toronto City Councillor Shelley Carroll as Keynote Speaker. Other workshops focused on the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), Contracting  Work Back In, and Shop Steward’s Guide to Privatization And Contracting Out. Many of the participants in these workshops were from municipalities and school districts. The workshops were real eye openers to many of the issues our CUPE brothers and sisters are experiencing around the province. The discussions revealed many strategies and opportunities to stop contracting out and to bringing work back in. More information about CUPE’s anti-privatization initiatives can be found on the CUPE BC website and at

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