Chair – Doug Brock
Member – Wendy Hayer

Welcome to 2007!  With the introduction of so many new members to the bargaining unit over the past 12 months and a brand new education operating budget, the opportunity to get involved and learn could not be better!  While the funds available are limited, travel and accommodation will be provided, at our expense, for your participation.  This is an opportunity and many you have already expressed an interest.  To date, the CUPE Spring Education Calendar for the province is not completed.  However, when it is finalized you are encouraged to review courses and dates at our website.  Area Reps will be notified of the courses available by region and these will also be posted on the Bargaining Unit Boards in your offices.

The Education Committee Introduction page now reflects 2007 initial updates.  More information (including Naramata) will be added when it becomes available.  Here are five (MS Word documents of) Metro District Council workshops for early 2007:

Financial Officers and Trustees - Vancouver 2007 Mar 09-10,

Preparing for Bargaining - Vancouver 2007 Feb 01-02,

Representing Members in meetings - Vancouver 2007 Mar 15,

Retirement Planning - Burnaby 2007 Feb 07, and

Taking on Privatization - Vancouver 2007 Apr 13-14.

For the edification of the uninitiated, participation in our education program will avail you of an amazing frontier of information; it is available to each and every one of you.  We will provide (to all of our members) an avenue that will lead toward versatility and adaptability leaving them equipped to meet the demands of labour and interpersonal relations which will develop, alter and advance the labour-management relations within our organization.  Advancement comes in many forms and, to the many of you who wish develop professional skills for future opportunities within BC Assessment, this is as good a place to start as any.

For those of you are new to our organization and are not familiar with our bargaining unit or who are unsure of our role, let’s make something clear: many of your managers “cut their teeth” and learned to become leaders as active members of the bargaining unit.  Here a few:

Doug Rundell - Assessment Commissioner,
David Highfield - Executive Director,
Val Drebet - Area Assessor,
Gerry Marolla - Deputy Assessor, and
Brad Lane - Deputy Assessor.

All of these people served your ranks with a sense of duty and what our organization could be.  Involvement can start with education.

But there’s more…   Fanfare!  Pizzazz!

Artists / Web Designers … Closet Graphic Artists / Ad Agents

For 33 years, CUPE 1767, your organization, has been bereft of a personal branding.  At the November Executive meeting, it was decided that we should, as a local of many years, develop a personal logo to identify who we are.


Commencing 01 Jan 2007, we are soliciting entries from all members for a design of a CUPE Local 1767 logo.

The entries will be accepted until 31 May 2007 … after which time the current Executive Board will determine the most appropriate representation.  (Electronic versions can be sent to and  The winning entry will be unveiled at the AGM in September.


Check out a proposed prize (of a Melton Leather Jacket):

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