Chair – Don Currie
Member – MaryAnn Mackinnon, Jared Melvin, Harp Sandhu, Tom O’Brien

The committee has an exciting report to provide to our members. Right now we are working with the employer to create a video on Job Evaluation and how this works. This is especially important as we will be looking at the appraiser II job at the end of June as negotiated in bargaining this last round. We are working with an animator from Vancouver to create this video. He is creating the characters, while we provided the script to him. We will be using two members from communications to provide the voices to the characters. The video will cover the job evaluation process and answer common questions and concerns around the process.

Additionally, Harp and Jared will be doing a speaking tour with Vanessa explaining job evaluation prior to the upcoming working grade appraiser job being evaluated. We feel this is an excellent development as we want to ensure that people better understand the process and what we do prior to the job being evaluated..

Lastly, as a result of the appraiser job being evaluated the employer will be sending out a short survey (currently aiming at the middle of May) to all working grade appraisers. We strongly encourage everyone receiving this email to fill out the survey. It is your opportunity to provide valuable feedback. Finally, the employer will be randomly selecting bargaining unit members (working grade appraisers) from every office to provide feedback to the employer on the Job Description. This feedback will be provided to the employer to ensure that the employer hasn’t missed anything in the job description..

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