The CUPE 1767 component of the 2004 Joint Productivity Committee consists of Mike Meyer, co-chair, from Courtenay and Brad Lane from Terrace.

Gainsharing Formula:  The formula can be found in the Collective Agreement under Memorandum of Understanding #1.  It is common knowledge that the formula is useless if the necessary information to complete is not available.  Quite often members have commented to committee members that if they had the information, they could calculate the end result and, hence, have more interest in the process.  For those who are in this group, here it comes, knock yourselves out:

NCV     04 10,930,064,092
NCV     03 7,570,295,666
NCV     02 5,840,091,862
SV        04 427,281,283,708
SV        03 385,296,902,533
SV        02 356,268,287,190
FTEs    03 620.14
FTEs    02 578.85
FTEs    01 690.41
FTEs    00 690.18
Folios   04 1,700,546
Folios   03 1,680,556
Folios   02 1,656,050
Folios   01 1,648,228

Mandate:  Under Memorandum of Understanding # 1 in the Collective Agreement, the mandate of the JPC is as follows:

Identify improvements in processes and work practices;
Identify enhancements in the delivery of services to the public in an efficient and cost effective manner;
Identify innovations; and
Identify efficiencies throughout the organization…

Further, the Committee will:

Monitor the results of the gainsharing formula;
Communicate the results of this initiative; and
Make recommendations to the Parties for future development of this program, including the measurement criteria.

Current:  Under the terms of the mandate, the Union has currently taken the following items to the committee stage:

The Parties apply a 0.50 factor to FTE hours of Temporary and Part-time employees that will accurately reflect their addition to productivity;
FTEs emanating from committees and working groups not involved in core function activities, valueBC Implementation, and User Acceptance Teams are not to be included in the calculation of gainsharing;

Monies from BC Assessment marketing initiatives be subject to the end gainsharing percentage (i.e. if gainsharing amount 3%, marketing monies in current year @ $3, 000,000 then ($3,000,000 X .03)/620.14 = $145.13 per eligible employee).  This amount to be added to the percentage derived from the gainsharing formula;
The Committee recommends to the parties that procedures be established so that FTEs can be tracked for each corporate initiative for time, as well as budget, purposes;
The Committee recommends procedures are put in place so that performance measurement is possible for each corporate initiative;
The JPC research the current circumstances to determine whether or not the need for averaging the JPC formula is a current need; and
Through the 2003-2004 negotiations, it was established that the gainsharing initiative was extended to Excluded staff at the pleasure of the Employer.  Given this statement, the Union component suggests that the FTE count contained within the formula should include only Bargaining Unit staff.

There were no changes or initiative suggestions from the Employer’s component.

Summary: The Union Committee Component has not heard back from the Employer’s Component on any of the items except for # 2, which was denied.  It is anticipated that the other submissions will be responded to at the next scheduled meeting April 28th, 2004.  In the interim, the Union is in dispute with the Authority with regard to item # 2 and a grievance has accordingly been filed.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Meyer, Co-Chair
Joint Productivity Committee

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