Chair – Tom O’Brien
Members – Jared Melvin, Donna Murray

The LTD committee members have been focused on education for the last couple of months. We have attended two Lancaster House conference call sessions with the employer (HR) to better understand issues around sick leave, return to work, and accommodation. These are useful to attend as it gives an opportunity to hear employers, union leaders and lawyers discussing examples from their own experiences, and also referring to case law. Our LTD committee is then better able to advise our executive during grievances related to return-to-work or accommodation issues.

The employer will pay 100% of your wages for a single illness up to 60 days (with a physician’s written approval). After 60 days, you must go on long term disability and you will depend on insurance from BC Life (PBC). This only pays 75% of your wages - and can take 4-6 weeks to get approved. Because of this, if you are on short term sick leave the employer will contact you around the 30 day mark and request you get the application started - this is for your own benefit. If you are certain you are coming back to work - again, doctor approved - before the 60 day mark, then you don’t have to apply. Getting sick - either physically or mentally - means you need time to heal. Taking that time is important - but making sure you have your income covered it also important. Take the time to understand the application process for long term disability if you are current on short term sick leave. Also look at how your benefits are covered while on LTD.

As always - get out and enjoy the spring weather, get some exercise, spend time with your friends and family, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Take care of your bodies and your minds.

There are 13 employees on long term disability over two years, and 11 under two years. There are 24 members on LTD in total.

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