Chair – Tom O’Brien
Members – Jared Melvin, Donna Murray

Spring is just around the corner. There have been a few stories in the news lately about S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). I’m hoping that with more sunshine and longer days those impacted by this will be able to have some relief!
Three members are currently sitting on the LTD Committee, so we have grown by two. Tom O’Brien, Jared Melvin and Donna Murray are the current members. This may not be in perpetuity; but as we are making efforts to increase the capacity of our local, the Long Term Disability Committee is taking on more work.

The LTD committee has been focussing lately on training - both for ourselves and others. Jared has collaborated with HR to allow us to sit in on the same training sessions (by conference call). We hope that by working with the employer (HR) to collaboratively take the same training we can be on the same page about issues such as accommodation, gradual return to work, and handling long and short term disability claims.

We will meet more in the future to look at how to better inform our members on issues and processes around sick leave and return to work.

Lately we’ve been working to highlight the importance that the less visible health issues (such as mental health) are treated in the same manner as more obvious physical issues.

A reminder that if you are struggling with any issues; whether it is work-related, relationship troubles, or just managing your work/life balance - we have support through Homewood Health Services. If you need information around long or short term disability, and how that all works, and you don’t feel comfortable contacting the employer, then you can talk to your union. If you work with your regional director, they can lean on the LTD committee to help find your answers.

As always, take care of your bodies and minds. Our health is our most important asset.

In solidarity,

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