Chair – MaryAnn MacKinnon
Member – Harpinder Sandhu

As a worker, we all pride ourselves on the ability to multitask. Sometimes our work will take us behind the wheel. In BC when driving-this becomes you only task.

Worksafe BC stats have listed distracted driving as the second highest cause of crashes in BC. The smartest phone is one that is turned off. In September 2014 Police in BC issued 3500 tickets to drivers using electronic devices behind the wheel. Some of the excuses that where noted are:

It was my boss I had to answer it. 30 workers in BC are killed each year while driving by being distracted.
I wasn’t using it-I was just holding it. Anything in your had is a distraction and can impact your ability to react.
This is a bogus law. Our attitudes need to changes 25% of all deaths in fatal crashes are related to distracted driving.

There are no excuses for preventable tragedies like distracted driving. Be aware turn the phone off while driving.

Day Of Mourning

In 2013 alone across Canada over 900 workers lost their lives to a disease or injury that occurred from work related injuries 3 works die each day. April 28th is the National Day of Mourning, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety hopes that the annual observation of this will strengthen the awareness for safe conditions and prevent injury and death. Let’s take a moment to remember our fallen workers and the family they have left behind.

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