Chair – MaryAnn MacKinnon
Member – Harpinder Sandhu

It is unclear if all offices are holding their regular OH&S meetings. There is a central location for all offices to post to the shared drive. Holding regular meetings is a requirement under the Act as is posting minutes. This would include meetings where there is no new business or past items to discuss. Offices still must show that meeting was held and post the time and date the meeting was held indicating that nothing was addressed.

WCB Claims
16 claims to date (2013)
3 slips/trips/falls
1 animal bite
2 repetitive task
1 crush
1 other
2 claims denied ( 1 being appealed)

If an employee is experiencing pain/discomfort at their workstation, whether DRT or not, the onus is on the employee to bring this up with their supervisor so the issue can be resolved and any necessary modifications that are required can be made.

2013 Flu Clinic
31% of staff has received the flu vaccines this year.

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