Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Chair – MaryAnn MacKinnon
Member – Harpinder Sandhu

In our line of work being able to work outdoors is a welcomed opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather. However there has been an increased risk of exposure to the growing health threat of Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a tick borne illness by the bite of an infected black tick. Ticks hang onto small bushes or tall grasses close to the ground. Tick bites are the highest from May thru to September. Most of the province has ticks but the largest population are on the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley. Symptoms and severity vary. But a common identifier is a possible rash usually circular will appear often like a bull’s eye because it will have rings spreading from the bite.
What can you do?

  • Wear lightly colored clothing
  • Shower or bathe within 2 hours of being outdoors
  • Long sleeve shirts and closed toe shoes

A daily skin inspection can reduce risk of infection as ticks may take several hours to 2 days to attach to the skin and feed. Know how to identify ticks and know the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease.

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