Chair – Trent Snikkers
Member – Harpinder Sandhu

So far the Political Action Committee has had little to dig into. That all changes in 2015 with the upcoming Federal Election. While the Election is scheduled for Oct 19th of this year, there is a high probability that the election will be called sooner. So it would pay to start thinking and talking about it now.

While your union executive does not officially endorse one political party over another, we do encourage you, as individuals to make yourself as familiar as possible with all the political parties. There are specific concerns that we, as unionized labour must consider when voting in the upcoming election. It would be worthwhile doing some research into Bills C-377, C-525 and C-4 and how the current government is attacking our union rights and freedoms. It is also be worthwhile looking into how the Liberals, the Greens and the NDP look upon organized labour. If the election is called early, be prepared to vote knowing that you are voting for the best options for your environment, your work, and your family.

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