We claim the Employer has violated the Collective Agreement by removing the TMA from accrued vacation and retirement allowance. Once a member retires their TMA is taken away from accrued vacation and from their retirement allowance.

The employer claims that add-to-pays are always removed from retirement allowances when an employee retires and they are keeping consistent with past practice.

Therefore, we request the Employer change this practice and reinstate the TMA to accrued vacation as well as retirement allowance.

Status: The employer agreed to pay 50% of the TMA as ongoing payments when an employee proceeds on "Paid Absence Prior to Retirement" or has any retirement allowances or leaves paid out. This agreement will apply up to and including December 31, 2013. The union has withdrawn its grievance.

-Discussed discipline issue in Head Office
-Reviewed where we were at with the collective agreement. Decided the covershould be yellow.  We need to copy write the new logo prior to printing.

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