Chief Grievance Officer: Kevin McPhail
Chair: Don Currie
Members: Mandeep Mahanger, Harpinder Sandhu, Donna Murray, Trent Snikkers, Jared Melvin

Policy Grievance - Temporary Part Time

We claim the employer has violated the Collective Agreement by hiring or having hired an employee working less than full-time hours when the Collective Agreement only allows less than full-time hours for permanent employees. After spending many hours in the last round of bargaining fine-tuning the LTFT language the employer had wanted to change the title to 'part-time' and your union held firm saying we have no part time workers. Your union has discovered that quietly the employer has been doing just that, hiring workers on a part time basis when we bargained against this. We are alarmed at this action and what it could result in. We don't want to see the Safewayization of BCA

We request that the Employer cease and desist from employing temporary employees on a less than full-time basis, and that the Employer make all employees who have not been provided with regular full-time hours whole.

Status: This grievance was originally elevated to arbitration but has been withdrawn on a without prejudice basis with the Employer promising to notify the Union annually of any cases when this occurs and the parties will monitor the situation for the life of the current Collective Agreement.

Appraiser Competition Grievance – Multiple Locations

Following the last provincial Appraiser 2 competition, several grievances were filed on behalf of three unsuccessful applicants. This was an example of individuals taking advantage of the new competition grievance process contained in the new Collective Agreement.

Had they chosen to relocate two of the applicants would have been awarded permanent appraisal positions based on the strengthened seniority clause. However, they did not wish to relocate at this time and all of the appraisers who were originally awarded position were confirmed. After review of the interview documents, one of the scores was adjusted, positively affecting their placement in the provincial eligibility list.

This process is an important avenue for individuals who believe their score does not match what they expected after their interview.

Status: These grievances have been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. No changes to the awarding of positions was necessary.

Letter of Discipline – Surrey

An employee was given a Letter of Expectation which we feel is excessive and became disciplinary in that threatened the employee with demotion or termination. We requested that the Employer rescind the letter of expectation.

Status: This grievance was filed and presented at Step 1 and it was resolved after the employee resigned his position to enter retirement. The letter was subsequently withdrawn by the employer.

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