Policy Grievance - Acting SA Position – Prince George II

An acting SA position was known to be longer than 3 months. Despite the new language in the CA requiring it to be posted, the position was simply awarded to one person, with the intention to give it to another individual afterwards.

The Union is asking for the CA to be followed in these circumstances by posting the position. We have recently negotiated new language with the employer specifically around this situation. We expect both parties will follow this new language. The manager may appoint if the position is known to be three months or less, but must post the opportunity if the position is to be greater than three months.

Status: This grievance was resolved at Step 2 with the position being limited to one 3 month term. The parties are satisfied that this adheres to the new language in the collective agreement.

Denial of Overtime – Okanagan

An employee with a busy PARP schedule requested to work an “off” day at the end of a 4 week cycle. The time was pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor in writing and the hours of work schedule was amended. The time in question was in excess of the 140 hour mark for the 4 week cycle.

The employee worked the day in question and submitted for overtime on ERP. The employee was denied the overtime and subsequently denied all pay for the day worked. This situation is an example inconsistent practices around the approval of overtime. The CA talks about the employer approving overtime. The employer may perceive this as meaning a manager must give approval. However, the employer has typically given bargaining unit supervisors the responsibility of managing scheduled and hours of work. Confusion can arise when an employee communicates with their supervisor and does not know what communication has occurred between the supervisor and he excluded manager.

Status: This grievance was resolved at Step 2 with the employee getting overtime paid for all hours in excess of the 140 hour mark for the 140 hour cycle.

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