Chair – Don Currie
Member – Mandeep Mahanger, Tom O’Brien

The nextGen programme is in the midst of contract negotiations. The contract is going to the Board for approval by mid-June. Barring any issues, Phase 1 of this project will kick off in July. The nextGen team is still working at the satellite office at Carey Road (north of Uptown). Planning for BCA work over the next year is their primary goal right now.

ITS released the Service Boundary Web Map in March. It is a web-based application which enables regional districts to compare their service boundaries with our coding. So far there has been limited feedback, but generally it’s been good. There will be some impacts to field offices as problems are reported back to BCA. However, the process for reviewing and correcting minor taxing codes has been in place for 4-5 years.

BCA won an award from Esri Canada which Connie Fair accepted at the Victoria Esri User Conference on April 15th. The award highlighted the GIS work done on e-valueBC and 3D building strata assessment. There was some misinformation in the introduction which made it into the news release around what we do with our data. Our members in ITS are working to correct that.

Coralee Oakes (B.C. Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development) came to head office on Friday, April 24th. Three innovative technologies were presented to her, all of which were GIS related. Desktop review, 3D buildings, and e-valueBC.

Our ITS Division has been looking at all the technical and database changes required to change our regions. It has become apparent that it is more work than expected. This may end up becoming a project due to its scope and impact on our core system.

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