Chair – Don Currie
Member – Mandeep Mahanger, Tom O’Brien

Next Generation ValueBC

Next Gen has almost completed the fit gap analysis with Vision Government Solutions Inc (VGSI). Next steps are resource projections and then sign a contract. Phase 1 work will begin in the Spring with project planning for the next 3 years. The hardest part may be determining what is critical for the system for the go live date, and what can wait for phase 2.

eValueBC rolled out in time for January 2015. A lot of hard work and overtime was put into a complete rework of the front end (user interface) of evalue bc. That effort by our own members can't go unnoticed. All that work could have been outsourced bit we did it all with our own ITS developers, GIS Analysts and Business Analysts.

The Service Boundary Web Map has been soft launched with positive feedback from three regional districts. This was a collaborative effort from our own GIS Analyst and an Esri developer. A full release is scheduled for March of this year.

Our union has worked collaboratively with a Royal Roads masters student on a project to help us analyze our use of technology within our local to help us achieve our goals. This may lead to some positive change driven by the technology change committee!


UCCX has ramped up to full speed again as the inquiry period is upon us. Improvements to the system are apparent and appreciated by the agents.Most noticeable is that callers are generally directed to the appropriate office and the appropriate team to answer there inquiry.
On the down side, reporting and monitoring software still leaves a lot to be desired.

One issue that the company struggles with is balancing the competing interests of productivity and customer service. There seems to be an expectation that every minute in January will be spent either directly dealing with a customer, doing core work, or working on projects. At the same time, there is an expectation that customers will never have to wait to speak with a UCCX agent.

If we truly are focussed on the customer, maybe we need to accept that in January, this focus comes at the expense of a little bit of productivity. We have historical data on call volumes which provides useful information. However, we can't always predict when call volumes are going to spike or lull. In order to account for the unexpected and truly serve our customers, we need to accept that we cant do everything.

New PC’s

Reviews of the new HP computers have been overwhelmingly positive. Congratulations to those responsible for choosing this latest desktop device. Users appreciate the large screen and keyboard, the light weight and speed, and the seamless ability to move from workstation to meeting room docks.

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