Chair – Don Currie
Member – Mandeep Mahanger, Tom O’Brien

Managing Change, Learning to Accept Change, Change Readiness Survey, A Case for Change, Manager of Change Management??

With all the change going on in our company, one thing we don’t hear too much about (with the exception of Next Gen ValueBC) is Technological Change. It’s not that tech change is not happening, it is really the opposite. Tech change is constantly happening behind the scenes, on our computers and in our workplaces every day. It’s the incremental nature of the change that causes us not to notice it.

It is with this in mind that I say there is not much to report related to tech change in the last 2 months.

Reviews are definitely mixed when it comes to UCCX. From an internal perspective, there seem to have been some enhancements over last year’s version, but the reporting capabilities still need improvement.

From an external customer perspective, the single provincial number is a positive step for most property owners. One easy to remember number regardless of where you are in the province makes sense.

The downfall is when a customer wants to speak with a specific office or person. There have been a number of reports of callers trying to contact a specific office only to be transferred to numerous individuals in other offices. Surely in 2014, we can do better.

The issue of multiple pages of timesheet entries is a thing of the past. A new enhancement to ERP has a scrolling function in each timesheet allowing users to see all line entries without tabbing through multiple sheets. Users and approvers of timesheets will definitely appreciate the time savings of this enhancement.


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