Chair – Don Currie
Members – Mandeep Mahanger, Tom O’Brien

The company seems to be really focused on organizational design at the moment. With the exception of the ongoing Next Gen Value BC work, there is not much to report on the tech change front over the past couple of months.

Inquiry season has come and gone for another year. UCCX remains a work in progress but there were some improvements this year which did improve customer service compared to past versions of the phone system. In keeping with what had worked well prior to UCCX, calls were generally routed to the office responsible for valuing the property in question. In addition, calls were generally routed to the team able to respond to the customer’s concern. After a few years of his, we seem to be reverting to what most staff on the phones had been asking for from the beginning...get our customers to the staff member best able to answer their concerns!

Another issue related to UCCX is the coding of ERP for inquiries as well as PARP. The company has standard measures of productivity that individuals and teams are to meet. These are expressed as either minutes per call, appeals per day or more generally, dollars per widget.

The difficulty with these measures is that it is very difficult to match UCCX data, ValueBC data and ERP data. If teams and individuals are being measured against standards, we need better reports showing where we stand at any point in time. Given the diversity of software we have at the moment, I fear we may have to wait for Next Generation valueBC for this kind of reporting. It seems like a lot of hopes and expectations are resting on NextGen...why not add one more.


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