Chair – Don Currie
Member – Mandeep Mahanger, Tom O’Brien


Full scale ERP has now come to the masses. The field staff are now doing all time entry on ERP as Head Office staff have been doing with for quite some time.

While we are thankful there is only one program to update…good bye Timetracker…initial impressions of ERP are that it is not as user friendly as it could be.

Individuals with a large variety of work tasks find the entry codes and multi-page display to be cumbersome and inefficient. Perhaps enhancements be made to make the entry and approval more intuitive and less time consuming.


After more than 2 weeks using UCCX, the system is getting mixed reviews. After some initial technical issues, calls appear to be getting routed to the appropriate user in most instances. The fact that call volumes are light compared to previous years has definitely helped with implementation. Users are generally not swamped with calls and have adequate time to deal with inquiries and create workflows as needed. When the potential productivity benefits of UCCX are analysed, we hope call volumes are appropriately factored in.

While the technology is generally working well, customer service levels are still a concern to many using the new phone system. Since callers must now enter their roll number, potentially wait for a few minutes on hold, and then speak with someone who may not be familiar with their community, many members feel our customer service is lessened.

I think the sentiment is best summed up by a one of our UCCX users after a few days on the system who said:

“The best case scenario, if everything goes as planned, is that we will be offering slightly lower customer service than last year.”


The field data collection devices were taken out of service at roll close in December. Work on enhancements and reconfiguration is ongoing with the devices available for in February at the earliest.

Note from Executive Board
A big thanks to Rick Zdunich and Jason Mitchell for the work they did and are continuing to do making sure that Field Data Collection (FDC) was and is an on-going success. We greatly appreciate a quality product that makes the job easier.

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