Chair – Don Currie
Member – Mandeep Mahanger, Tom O’Brien

Customer Connections  ****bold***

All Assessment Notices for the 2013 roll will be going out with a central 1-800 phone number rather than the number of the local Assessment Office as in previous years. This change will no doubt cause some challenges as the inquiry process is changed for both the customer and BCA employees.

One of the initial selling points of the new system was that Workflow information would be populated by the customer rather than by the handler in the call centre. The latest information on this point is that this capability is still being investigated. It is unclear at this point whether this capability will be in place for January.

This new phone system has been costly and is being implemented under the premise that customer service will be enhanced. Customer service is something we as a company do very well. It is also a source of considerable pride for most of us. If we are making big changes to the front end of our customer service, we better be sure that it is a significant benefit before we make the change.

We will be keeping an eye on this project as piloting begins next week.

Field Data Collection  ****bold***

The new FDC handhelds were rolled out to many offices over the last 2 months with favourable results. While the devices do not suit all individuals or all types of servicing, they have received very positive feedback from the vast majority of users for general residential servicing.

There are a few enhancements needed, such as the ability to mark folios in the result set that have been visited already. All in all, this project should be considered a success and a step in the right direction.

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