Chair – Don Currie
Member – Mandeep Mahanger, Tom O’Brien

UCCX (Customer Connections)

Even though UCCX has been renamed Customer Connections, I will continue to use UCCX in this report...mainly since it is easier to type.
The UCCX project for 2014 is nearing completion. As discussed in the recent Open Line, the BCA Executive have heard the concerns of staff about the limitations of UCCX and their impact on Customer Service. The project has been aimed at improving both the customer and user experience while using UCCX.
New feature of UCCX include:

· A decentralized call flow which lets customers connect to the correct field office more easily.
· An option to call a specific office directly by entering Area and Jurisdiction numbers
· The addition of a silent “0” option to get a live human being

The next step in the project will be testing with a user group. This will occur in early November. If all goes well, the enhanced system will be in place for January inquiries.

Desktop refresh

The desktop refresh has almost wrapped up as this report is being written. Installation has gone relatively smoothly with very little disruption in this busy time of year. As expected, there have been some minor transition issue with software which have been resolved quickly by the Contact Centre.

Using the new laptops in meeting rooms appears to be working well. The docking stations accept the laptops easily. If you are making a presentation at a meeting, you can open anything you need while at your workstation, and have it ready to go when you dock the PC in the meeting room. There is no longer a need to logon to a new PC in the meeting room and scour the server for your presentation.


The Open Line was the first look many of us had at the Telepresence system. For many, the main improvement over WebEx seemed to be the improved audio quality. The video quality reviews were mixed but it was interesting to see some change in the camera view depending on who was speaking. There are still some bugs to overcome, so we can look forward to improvements in the future.


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