Chair – MaryAnn Mackinnon
Member – Don Currie, Tom O’Brien

Telework is on that table during negations and therefore not too much to discuss. However, in saying that there are a few points that we think are worthy of noting.

• There is work on a survey between the union and the employer that will be presented to teleworkers to see what works and what doesn’t
• Measures of work expectations resulting in productivity being monitored with assignments should be similar for positions with similar assignments regardless if you are in the office or working at home
• A telework arrangement may be terminated by either the employee of the excluded manager providing 30 days written notice to the other party

Telework applies to all permanent BC Assessment employees and new employees that have successfully completed their probationary period to be considered for participation in telework. This has not been fully communicated to all new employees and we are looking at having this option be shared in new hires packages they receive.

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