A member in the Okanagan region has been disciplined with a letter of reprimand for wearing “Blue Jeans” during the Parp period of Feb 1st to Mar 15, contrary to local office policy that “recommends” not wearing of “Blue Jeans”. As the member thought that that this was simply a “recommendation” as opposed to an outright ban, he thought it OK to wear blue jeans on a non-Parp hearing day. This member was sent home to change, told “black” jeans were ok as long as they were “fresh”. The Union Grieves this letter due to the inequitable and inconsistent application of the corporate attire guidelines across the Province. And really? C’mon Man! Is there really nothing better to be worrying about during this busiest and most stressful time of year than the attire of your workers? I would be curious to know, in the past 35 years or so, how many letters of complaint have been received as a result of what someone has been wearing? This grievance has been heard and denied at step 3 and has been elevated to arbitration.

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