Chair – MaryAnn MacKinnon
Member – Harp Sandu

Policy/Procedure reviews Check In/Out Travel Procedure

The following policies will be updated from the OH&S committee and will be forwarded to JLRC committee.  .

* Workplace Violence Prevention
* Watercraft Operation
* The Working Alone or In Remote Locations

AED’s are to be purchased for offices in 2013.  AED training is covered in both the Standard (Level 1) and Occupational First Aid (Level 2) training. More information to follow.

Local Office Minutes

How long do we need to keep/post OHS minutes for?  Under WCB’s OHS Guidelines, Part 3.0 – OHS Programs:
The employer has the following three basic responsibilities when implementing and maintaining a less formal program:
* Hold regular monthly meetings with workers for discussion of health and safety matters
* Ensure meetings deal with correction of unsafe conditions and practices and the maintenance of cooperative interest in the health and safety of the workforce
* Maintain a record of the meetings and the matters discussed. This does not mean that formal minutes have to be kept. It is sufficient that a record is kept of when meetings were held, who attended, and the general nature of what was discussed. The record should mention any specific concerns raised by persons attending, and it must be available for inspection by prevention officers

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