One of the primary objectives of our Constitution is to “educate and ensure the entire membership is knowledgeable concerning the Union structure, its function, and the Collective Agreement to be able to maintain their rights in the workplace”.  This defines the principle mandate of the Education chair.

The strength of a union is found in the individuals who volunteer their time to protect what unions have always stood for.  Unions are about people and protecting their rights in the work place.  This province has gone through tremendous change since our last collective agreement and the changes continue to take place.  It is vital that we have an educated, articulate and skilled union body to recognize and respond to the changes that can erode our rights in the work place.

Our main education event is the annual AGM education day.  This is open to a significant number of the AGM delegates and consists of a full day of learning and refresher training designed and taught by our own CUPE 1767 executive.

In addition to our AGM education day CUPE BC offer courses for specific topics.  Who can take courses offered by CUPE? -- Any CUPE member in good standing.

Why take a course offered by CUPE? -- The power to defend our rights as workers is through education.  Learn the skills to protect our rights and the services we provide.  Know the role of your union and what your responsibilities are as a union member, an area representative or as an executive officer.

Courses and Workshops

CUPE BC and CUPE National offer courses that range from weekend workshops to intensive one and four-week programs.  The workshops are designed to foster a basic understanding of union culture and involvement for any union member.  The CUPE BC full week and four-week programs are intensive courses that prepare union leaders and negotiators for the collective bargaining process.

For a detailed outline of the CUPE BC Education Spring Calendar course offerings, go to:

A detailed list of CUPE course offerings and workshop catalogues for British Columbia and National can be found at:

Correspondence Courses

There are a number of home study workshops available:

Basic Stewarding,
Advanced Stewarding,
Introduction to Bargaining,
Preparing for Bargaining,
Face to Face Communications, and
CUPE -- Our Union.

These workshops are free of charge.  Contact David Robertson (CUPE 1767 Education Chair)  Members are free to complete the courses at their own speed.

Education Budget 

CUPE 1767 now has a significant Education Budget. Members who are interested in Union course work or wish to further their knowledge as an Area Representative, Committee or Executive member may request to have registration fees, and travel and accommodation expenses reimbursed. Please contact your Regional Director or the Education Chair. Assistance is available to all members in good standing on a first come first served basis as long as there are funds in the budget.

Revised: October 2015

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