The minutes of the June 21st and 22nd meeting was moved for acceptance.

With the year end for our books coming up at the end of the month we have a clearer picture of how our locals money was spent over the past 12 months. We just received the latest cheque for our members dues just after the budget was prepared and as such it appears that expected revenue totals are down. This is mainly timing of they dues payments so what doesn’t show up this budget year will be there next so is not a real concern. Although we decided to concentrate more on education of our members this year we still have only spent 62% of the education budget. If there are Union courses that you are interested in please talk with your Regional Director. Executive Committee expenses are lower then expected. This is due to a combination of fewer in person meetings and some committees being on hold while bargaining is taking place. The remaining line items are on track or as expected.

We have allotted $275,000 plus a portion of last years interest to our Strike Fund Account. As both CUPE National and CUPE BC increased their strike pay provisions we may need to increase this fund this year if a resolution that will be put to the floor at our AGM passes. We have the funds and it is comforting to know that enough funds have been set aside specifically for any potential job action.

We have a new office assistant Brad Kostachuk who will continue the scanning work in our office. He is now working at getting the Policy and Arbitration files ready for scanning. Only 2 more file cabinet drawers and 1 box to go!

The AGM is just around the corner and I hope that those who are interested in attending are able to attend. There is always questions on who gets to go. Simply stated, as this is our Annual General the people attending should be representing the viewpoints of the office. If there are more people interested in an office then spaces allotted then there must be an election. This would be best done immediately after the elections for the Area Rep and Alternate positions. Drawing from a hat is not democratic and the only designated attendee spots are for the 3 trustees and the executive board for obvious reasons. If you have any questions on the process please don’t hesitate to speak with your Regional Director, our Union office or myself. It is our 40th AGM and with a few special guest speakers it looks to be a good one.

An issue with properly registering with our Locals website is now fixed and we now have a process to track and remove false registrations. It’s amazing how many robo-email addresses apply to our site. If you haven’t registered with our locals website please do so at Of note, please do not use your BCAssessment email to register.

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