The minutes of the November 16th and 17th meeting was moved for acceptance.

We are now 1/3rd of the way through our budget year and accounts are trending as expected. The 2013 AGM was slightly over budget by about 2% while a portion of the Executive Committee expenses listed will be reimbursed by CUPE BC as expenses for CUPE BC committees (in which we have 2 members involved) are covered by our Provincial Union. 2 months of RD honoraria which is normally accounted for in the Payroll line item is included in the Honoraria line item. This is necessary due to the temporary nature of the expense but is relatively minor in the effect that it will have on the final budget numbers. The Room Rental budget amount of $1500 is expected not to be realized. This revenue is due for when we book and pay for the meeting rooms during negotiations and the employer pays us for their 50% of the costs resulting in the revenue. In the last round of bargaining this occurred when we held meetings at the Sheraton in Richmond. As most of the negotiating teams on both sides reside on Vancouver Island a decision was made that most if not all negotiations will be held in Victoria to help mitigate costs. The result will be no room revenue, however, the negotiations expense should be lower by an equal amount.

In the office, historical grievance files are being scanned. Progress is slow as our Office Assistant has been away for periods of time. However, progress is being made when she is there.

NetDigix will be installing our new computer in the office in the next couple of weeks. This will replace the existing computer that is used for our internal accounting system Quick Books. With this update it will allow for remote access of the accounts. Given our geographic diversity this is necessary for coverage and will help address one of our known risks.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in all of their outstanding receipts from the AGM. Sometimes these may seem like insignificant amounts but in the world of accounting they are necessary to have on file in the event of an audit.

-Aubrey did give a presentation to Adele regarding the in’s and outs of the new website.

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