The minutes of the November 1st and 2nd meeting was moved for acceptance.

There is very little to report since the last report back in November with the exception of lost wages. A perfect storm so to speak has created a budget deficit for that line item. Increased usage this past year coupled with a late Q2 bill from the employer which also included increases as the employer now charges the union its share of the benefit costs associated with the base wage. For those who are not familiar, lost wages are wages that are paid to members while on Union business. The largest example of which is the Annual General Meeting Education Day. There are exceptions of course, joint working committees continue to be the responsibility of the employer for all wages and benefits. At the last executive meeting the executive board concluded a set of limitations around approved lost wages. These include: max 7 hour coverage per day for the education day and core Union work. Other typical union work done during working hours will be limited to 3.5hours per day coverage. In addition, Union executive will not have their hours covered for the Education Day of the AGM or for District Council meetings. The changes should curtail the lost wages expense to a maintainable level for the future, however for the 2014-15 fiscal year we will expect to spend considerably more in the lost wages category then originally budgeted. As we have budgeted a surplus this year and previous years we are still in sound financial shape and will easily cover this ‘perfect storm’.

The remaining line items are trending as expected and no unforeseen issues are arising.

We are officially affiliated with the Okanagan District Council and the Vancouver Island District Council. We have been accepted to the Fraser Valley, Metro and Kootenay District Councils. We are waiting on the next meeting for the Northern District Council for approval.

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