The minutes of the May 4th and 5th meeting was moved for acceptance.



The latest budget numbers up to June 6th show that all of the major line items are within 10% of expected amounts for this time of year with the exception of Conventions and Seminars (147% of budget) as well as Education (128% of budget) being over and Legal/Grievance (17% of budget) and Lost Wages (46% of budget) considerably lower than expected at the time of creation of the budget last fall.  It is expected that there will be additional expenses attributed to both lost wages and conventions and seminars before the end of the fiscal year in August while no further Education expenses are expected.  However, overall these are small line items and have minimal effect on the overall health of the budget, which again is trending to be very close to planned.  The local is in very good financial condition.


Adele has recently returned to work and has quickly caught up with the general office duties.  All of the past Collective Agreements, Executive Board & AGM minutes are now scanned onto the computer with the grievance files set to begin scanning.


The bargaining surveys will be done electronically this year which will allow for a more efficient compilation of the results which in turn allows for the survey to be completed closer to the start of bargaining.  Stay tuned for information which will be sent out over the next few months.


Advance notice that this years Annual General Meeting is scheduled for September 28th and 29th at the Sheraton in Richmond. We will be again having our education day on the 27th with courses designed and presented by our executive board covering the topics of Negotiations and Area rep and Alternate duties.


Important deadlines to consider include any policy or constitutional amendments must be to our Union office no later then July 29th. Although contract resolutions are accepted right up until the last day of convention it is recommended that you submit them at least a week prior to convention.


I will soon be posting the Call to the AGM along with additional information once I have confirmed the details. Stay tuned!


Revenue and expenses report from September 1, 2012 to May 3, 2013.




Re: Semi-Annual Trustees’ Report


Trustees Paul Mrazek, Cathy Colborne and Vicky Klimos have performed their duties in accordance with Article VII Section Q-T of our Constitution.


Please find enclosed the Trustees’ report for the Semi-Annual Audit carried out at the Maple Ridge Office on March 18, 2013. We were able to balance the “Trustee Report” to QuickBooks systems including:


-          Income

-          Expenditures

-          Bank Equity


Upon completion of our semi-annual audit, we would like to recommend the following in order to improve the efficiency of the audit and reconciliation of the accounts:


  • Expense claims submitted within 30 days of incurring the expenses
  • Payments of expenses be deposited within 30 days of receipt


Thank you to David Robertson, our Secretary Treasurer, Adele Zakus and our Executive for their continued commitment to our Union’s financial affairs.


Respectfully submitted,

In Solidarity,


Paul Mrazek                            Cathy Colborne                                   Vicky Klimos

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