The minutes of the May 4th and 5th meeting was moved for acceptance.

This week was Abigail’s last day working in our Union office. She has worked hard on the scanning project and it is sad to see her go. There are still lots of policy grievance files and some arbitration files to be scanned yet and we will be looking at options as to how to proceed.

The revised expense claim has been approved so please dispose of any old templates that you may have and use the updated version which will be available soon on our website if it isn’t already by the time you read this. None of the amounts have been changed however improvements will help with matching receipts to claims.

The call to the 40th annual CUPE 1767 AGM went out a few weeks ago and I have already heard people who are interested in attending. More details will be coming forward as we get closer to the date. Stay tuned.

Again the most recent budget reconciliation is in line with expectations. With about 2 more months to go in our annual cycle most items are trending as expected when the budget was created. Lost wages are trending higher but this is expected as the employer added benefit costs at the beginning of 2014 which was unexpected. The regional meetings line item is higher then initially thought which can be attributed to a recent tour from our President this past month which always increases attendance which in turn increases expenses. Our local has also been more involved and have attended more conventions and seminars than in years past which has led to this line item being over budget. However, no further conventions or seminars are planned for the remainder of the budget year. On the flip side, Legal/Grievance is again considerably below budget which is not abnormal for this line item.

We have been checking into affiliation with both District Councils throughout the province as well as with the BC Federation of Labour. Costs will be discussed at the executive meeting with more information made available in my next report.

This meetings guest attendee, Paula Ladds is from the Kelowna office. Again interest has been strong and I have had to use the selection process to decide on who gets to attend. The first criteria is the guest has to come from a region in which there has not been a guest in the past year. So far this has been the only criteria that I have had to use. There is one remaining executive meeting in August and we have had an attendee from all but the Kootenays and North Lower Mainland. That being said, if there are no one interested in attending from those two regions then I will look to the other regions. So if you are interested please let me know by sending me an email to

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