The minutes of the April 25th and 26th meeting was moved for acceptance.

Well my 6 week stint as an acting manager went off without any emergency on either the manager side or the union side which is a good thing. I think… Thanks to Kevin for holding down the fort while I was away from my position.

Now back to reality…

I’m in the process of finalizing the call to convention which is required to go out 90 days prior to the first day of convention. That is June 28th for those who are counting. I’m looking forward to what I hope will be another successful convention. If you have interest in attending ensure that you let your reps know and be there for any office union meetings over the next few months. Your office should hold a union office meeting sometime late August which should determine the delegates who will attend from your office. Delegates have to have their name submitted before the end of August. The number of attendees from each office are elected based on a predetermined calculation as per our constitution. The results of which are included in the call to convention. A regional meeting should be held around the same time to discuss any policy/constitutional amendments that have been submitted for discussion and voting at the AGM in late September.

Regarding budget numbers, a few things stand out in this latest report. Misc. revenue is considerably higher then expected which is due to a bursary that we received from CUPE BC to cover some education expenses. Obviously not a bad thing. Another potential difference that hasn’t shown up yet is that as one of our executive are venturing out to become servicing reps for CUPE National which will effect the honoraria line items. We have to cover their wages and benefits through lost wages and honorarium and CUPE National reimburses us for those costs. At the end of the day it will all balance out with lost wages and honorarium being higher but being countered by a larger amount in miscellaneous.

During the CUPE BC convention I sat in on a special Sec/Tres meeting in which investment of member’s dues was discussed. Currently we invest your funds in safe, low interest GIC’s. There is potential to increase our interest revenue but at what risk? I fully believe we should maximize revenue that is not dues related but also feel that we need to ensure that what we have is safe. At this point I still feel that you can’t go wrong with a safe investment.

As a reminder, initiation dues are automatically deducted off a new member’s paycheck so area reps do not have to collect this fee. You do however have to get them to fill out the signed yellow membership card and send it into our office.

Nothing really to report from our office. No fires/floods or earthquakes happened while I was away. Thanks Adele and Brad for ensuring things are going smoothly.

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